Mozilla Thunderbird / Debian Icedove - Smilies / Smileys / Emoticons

Cheat Sheet

Since we couldn't find a list of the smilies used by our favourite mailer on the net, we provide a cheat sheet here
- for us and for the world.

The info is taken from the source code of Debian Icedove - corrections welcome.

	ASCII	Icon	Meaning			Class

	:-)		smile, grin		moz-smiley-s1
	:)		smile, grin		moz-smiley-s1
	:-(		frown, unhappy		moz-smiley-s2
	:(		frown, unhappy		moz-smiley-s2
	;-)		wink			moz-smiley-s3
	;)		wink			moz-smiley-s3
	:-P		tongue out		moz-smiley-s4
	;-P		tongue out		moz-smiley-s4
	:-D		laughing		moz-smiley-s5
	:-[		embarrassed, shyly	moz-smiley-s6
	:-\		undecided		moz-smiley-s7
	=-O		surprised		moz-smiley-s8
	:-*		kiss			moz-smiley-s9
	>:o		yell, shout, angry	moz-smiley-s10
	8-)		cool			moz-smiley-s11
	:-$		want money		moz-smiley-s12
	:-!		foot in mouth		moz-smiley-s13
	O:-)		innocent		moz-smiley-s14
	:'(		cry			moz-smiley-s15
	:-X		lips sealed		moz-smiley-s16

The information and the icons provided here are subject to the Mozilla Public License Version 1.1 (the "License");
you may not use the informaton or the icons except in compliance with the License.
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